Usage of a popular club drug linked to insomnia

Recent studies showed, that common use of “ecstasy” raises the chances of perfectly healthy people getting insomnia. It is the most recent finding linking insomnia and one of the most popular illegal drugs in the world – amphetamine called “ecstasy”.

If the drug is taken by people that already have any kind of sleep disorder, they are taking a great risk of getting diabetes, heart disease or even declining in cognitive function. And these are just additional side effects if used by people who have sleep disorders, all the “ecstasy” side effects applies too.

Insomnia and Ecstasy

Users of the drug say, that it has some kind of psychotic effect, makes anxiety go away and makes you feel more intimate with other people, but the side effects of the drug are very dangerous and can easily lead to death.

The usage of “ecstasy” (MDMA) is linked to various neurological conditions and one of them is altering brain wave patterns while sleeping. These waves are altered, because MDMA affects neurons, that produce serotonin in a toxic way. The experiments showed, that the drug prevents nerve cells from connecting with other neurons. These neurons are crucial part of good night sleep. Because of that, the study with 154 volunteers that used various drugs, including “ecstasy” and other 96 volunteers, that have used other drugs, except MDMA, was conducted. All volunteers hadn't taken any drugs for 1 moth before the experiment

Every volunteer had to sleep for a few nights in a special facility, where various devices would measure
various human body processes that affect sleeping. The results were stunning, 34 MDMA users and 12 other volunteers had serious sleep disorders, 2 MDMA users had mild insomnia.

All in all, usage of various illegal drugs may lead you to getting various diseases, including insomnia. If you already have some sleep problems – don't hesitate, the most popular drug used to treat various sleep disorders – generic Ambien can help you! We can direct you to the shops that offer the best deals on buying generic Ambien. Be sure to check them out.

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