Untreated insomnia cost more than it's treatment

Did you know, that untreated insomnia consumes more money that the treatment of it ? According to the new study, conducted by National Medical Association, insomniacs commonly miss work and even lose jobs because of insomnia. About 12 percent of people living in the U.S. suffer from chronic insomnia.

The study showed, that sleep disorders cost about 1 month of salary over 3 years if untreated, and that's just because they won't show up at work. The loss of quality of work and productivity can't be calculated, and still, treatment would cost less than you wold lose because of untreated insomnia. The study suggested, that if employers would motivate their employees to check-up for insomnia and treat it, they would earn more money, than the money lost due to costs of check-ups.

People, that stalled the treatment of insomnia and started it late, had a lot higher medical expenses, than people who treated it early. Late treatment of insomnia is a lot longer, requires more expenditures than early treatment. Also, there is a greater chance the disease won't go away, even the best treatment sometimes is useless against severe insomnia.

The consequences of the untreated sleep disorder might be pretty sever. It may result in increased tension of even depression. The researchers also stated, that people lack the knowledge and awareness of insomnia. A lot of people don't know, that such a disease exists and ignore it, as if it would be natural to sleep bad sometimes. The study suggested starting a campaign to educate and teach people about insomnia, it's side effects and possible consequences. Such a campaign might improve the statistics drastically, because if people knew more about the disease, they might start treating it like one.

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