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Ambien (known generically as Zolpidem) is used for the treatment of insomnia, as well as some disorders in the brain. It is developed by a famous healthcare company Sanofi-Aventis, but is later made available in other brand names. Nowadays, a generic version of Ambien could be bought, and they come in assorted brands.

Indeed, these generic versions are a lot more affordable compared to the branded Ambien. But how do these medications really differ? Let’s take a look.

Generic Ambien versus Brand


Ambien is the branded version of Zolpidem created by Sanofi-Aventis. This formulation is already proven, and has even a better version- the Ambien CR which is suitable for a long term treatment. Many consumers have already given happy reviews about this medication, saying that they have been happy using such medication for already a long time. Although this brand could be quite a cost to some (15 tablets at $60, or $70 at most), it yields guaranteed results- longer retention of sleep in less time, as well as a worry-free recommendation from the doctor.

The generic Ambien, on the other hand, is manufactured by several healthcare companies. It provides up to half or third the savings compared to the branded medication (30 pills could be bought for less than $100). It is also safe for use, and is becoming a low cost alternative among patients suffering long term insomnia. However, since its release in the market, many people have given off some negative feedback, even stressing out that the generic Ambien is not as potent and effective as the branded one, as it takes a longer time to fall asleep and to remain that way. There are also several reports from consumers who switched from the branded to the generic version of the drug, and most of these have reported more intense loss of coordination and dizziness and other symptoms. Some complains even stated that they should take a higher dose just to get the same effects with the branded Ambien.


Generic Ambien is still the same Zolpidem, but less the price tag compared to the branded Ambien. Both are for the treatment of insomnia, and both works, although in quite a different time frame. Both have the same side effects, as well as withdrawal symptoms.

However, if a patient is already used to taking Ambien, it is highly recommended to stick to the same medication all throughout, unless it is approved by the doctor to switch to the generic version. As the general rule with generic vs. branded drugs stress, branded drugs are absorbed faster by the body, thus effects could be experienced faster. It would be better to stick to branded Ambien, if you have been using it already for a long time.

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