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Internet is full of interesting websites with catchy headlines all over. Some of them are worth a click to know more about them while other do not look much interesting. If we tour a back journey of last ten years, it has become unavoidable to learn about risks associated with obesity. There is a link made by everyone between this condition and an epidemic. Epidemic refers to disorder in body or a disease. Many have belief that eating right and doing the right kind of work out fetches excellent health. Sadly, only a few sections of people can make out link between the infrequent sleep and the similar list of diseases affecting the obese people. Normal person tends to rate the risk of sleeping disorder on a low scale. No one relates the lack of sleep to problems like cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

You must be wondering why you must worry if all this is true. Fact is, stress and level of high pressure caused in modern lifestyle has caused the people to sleep less that we did 20 generations ago. While the recommended sleeping time is about 9 hours, we only sleep for about seven and a half hours daily on an average. This generally occurs because of long work hours and finally when one reaches home, there is wife, children
and the rest of family to handle. Television and internet chats are the worst of all since no body seems to avoid it. on whole, there are millions of things that could distract us from sleeping and even if one lies down to sleep, tensions of business, anxiety of newly made friends, etc take our time. No matter what, you would definitely think for some time about latest movie, hottest fashion, cool music releases, etc while you are about to sleep.

Keep aside what people say, normal person lacks ability to concentrate on work if he or she does not sleep for at least 5 hours. Indeed, the archives of internal medical reports that people who sleep less than six to seven hours have increased chances of heart diseases. The National Cancer Institute gives a link between lack of sleep and cancer which could be shocking. About 10 years ago, as study made in lancet showed that men who are deprived of sleep have glucose and lipid level close to those who have diabetes. Shockingly, people who sleep for just 5 hours are 73% more likely to get ovese. At present, all the researches made have not been able to show consistent pattern of cause and effect of lack of sleep. Heart problems that occur generally trigger because of lack of sleep and major stress level.

Medical researchers cannot deny the success of sleeping pills in such a scenario. Controlled dosage of sleeping pills like Generic Ambien CR helps to enable people to sleep till the morning. Buying Ambien online can help you get good sleep and therefore good physical and mental health.

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