Ambien side effects

Ambien, like all the other medicaments, has it’s own side effects. Some are strong, some are weak, but all of them are rare. Here’s the list:

  1. Amnesia – when you are on Ambien, you won’t remember anything while you’re affected by it, so if you’re woken up by a phone call – you might not remember it.;
  2. Increased appetite;
  3. Headaches – this side effect is very rare, but there were some cases that people using Ambien experienced headaches;
  4. Euphoria;
  5. Impulsivity – some users become more impulsive, they begin to act more on impulse rather than thought;
  6. Lightheadedness;
  7. Nausea;
  8. Sore throat;

Due to several factors, people experience sleeping problems occasionally. However, there are some people who experience difficulty in sleeping throughout the year. Difficulty in sleeping and difficulty of staying asleep for at least 8 hours is categorized as insomnia. Although this problem is considered serious when experienced for a long time, it is not uncommon to experience this when stressed or when preoccupied. Whether it is short term or long term, this could eventually destroy the over-all well being of a person.

What Are Ambien Pills For?

To remedy insomnia, especially long term sleeplessness, several medications are prescribed by the doctors. One of these medications include Ambien pills. This sleep inducing medication comes in a variety of doses and forms. Depending on your needs, you can take Ambien pills orally; or through oral sprays; and extended release tablets.

But before deciding to take the medication, discuss first with the doctor your medical, drug and allergy history. Although Ambien pills are generally safe to use for insomnia - but they should not be mixed with other sleep inducing medications, NSAIDs and many others. During the insomnia treatment, the patient should refrain from activities that require focus and coordination such as driving, machinery operation and the like.

What Are Common Side Effects?

Ambien pills work in the central nervous system - correcting imbalances in the brain that causes sleeplessness or insomnia. However, it is given to patients only for a short term treatment. Otherwise, side effects associated with the medication might increase in frequency - and worse, lead the patient to become dependent with the medication just to get a good night’s sleep and avoid insomnia.

Just like other drugs, Ambien pills also has a share of undesirable effects to each of its patients. Commonly, patients feel drowsy all the time while under treatment. Dizziness is also prevalent, as well as the so-called high feeling. Other symptoms that might require expert help include confusion; aggression or euphoria; loss of coordination; and changes in vision.

There are also side effects which require immediate treatment. When a patient has cramps in the muscles, or is sweating profusely with seizures - quickly seek medical help. Also, take note of breathing difficulties due to swelling of the airways.

In some cases, patients might be given alternative treatment, if reducing the dose proves to be of no help in reducing the side effects. Although it is normal to experience some, severe Ambien pills side effects should be avoided to occur by constant consultation during the treatment. Some of the signs could lead to other problems such as coma, and even death.

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