More and more drivers are caught driving while affected by Ambien

There have been reports that more and more people cause traffic accidents under after taking Ambien. As the new research shows, Ambien may be the reason of some accidents on the roads. There was an experiment held in the USA, the blood of impaired drivers was tested. There were about 2500 drivers tested, 58 of them had Ambien in their blood.

The researcher says, that it wouldn’t have happened, if the drivers would’ve been taking the drug the way it was supposed to be taken.

“After using Ambien, there shouldn’t be any of it left after 8 hours, so there wouldn’t be any problems if people would be taking the pills the way they are supposed to be used.” -Says the researcher.

So, the problem is that people take large amounts of Ambien or they don’t take it right before going to sleep.

The people that were caught driving with Ambien in their blood were really scary: they drove on the wrong lane of the road, they didn’t care about the traffic-lights. And after being taken to the cell, they act like they don’t know what happened. It’s because Ambien causes memory loss, they don’t remember anything they did.

So, you should read the instruction of Ambien really thoroughly and use it carefully. If you use it according to instructions you will avoid weird things that are caused by people who take Ambien whenever they want it and as much as they want it. 

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